Protecting dog walkers and their clients’ pets

Having dog walkers’ insurance doesn’t just protect you; it demonstrates your commitment to safety and preparation for the unexpected. This sends the right message to clients, who will want to be sure that their pet is safe in your hands.

Pet Business Insurance specialises in comprehensive insurance for dog walkers. Our cover protects you against third-party claims for injury or damage caused by a dog under your control. You’re also covered for any accidents or injuries that may befall your clients’ pets.

Our dog walking business insurance can also help with the costs involved in the event a dog is lost or stolen, and provides cover for other important liabilities, such as losing a client’s keys if you collect and return dogs from their homes.

Whether you’re starting a new dog walking business or already running a successful one, Pet Business Insurance has the range of coverage and breadth of knowledge you need. For more information, call today on +61 8 6255 5899, or complete our enquiry form.

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Dog walking insurance FAQs

What are some risks of dog walking?

The main risks to be aware of (and for which you may be held liable) include:

  • a dog under your control injuring a member of the public or damaging another person’s property
  • a dog you are walking being injured or involved in an accident
  • the possibility of losing a dog

Do you need a qualification to be a dog walker?

You don’t need formal qualifications, but is important to have the experience to be confident when handling different types of dogs.

How many dogs can you walk?

Under your insurance cover, a maximum of 6 dogs per person can be walked at any one time in public.

Money Back Guarantee

Just starting up? Change or even cancel your policy anytime without any administration fees. Even better – Pet Business International will refund your money, pro-rata, for any unused period of cover (as long as you haven’t made a claim of course!).

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