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Our pet and dog grooming insurance policies include cover for claims from third parties (clients and visitors) relating to injury or damage caused by something you did (or failed to do) in the course of your work.

You’re also covered for incidents that give rise to accidental damage or injury to an animal in your care – whether it was your fault or not.

Not every pet grooming business operates identically. That’s why we also provide a range of optional insurances to suit your specialism and circumstances. For example, if you employ any staff, we can cover claims raised by employees for injuries at work due to your negligence.

Whether you need cover for a pet grooming shop or mobile dog grooming insurance, our policies can be amended as your business evolves, without any admin fees. In addition, our no-risk money-back guarantee ensures you can cancel your policy, provided you haven’t made a claim.

To discuss your pet grooming business insurance needs, get in touch with our team today. Call +61 8 6255 5899, or complete our enquiry form.

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Pet grooming insurance FAQs

Do you need insurance to be a pet groomer?

We highly recommend having grooming insurance to protect yourself and others in the case of an incident. Insurance also presents you as a dedicated professional.

Is your van and equipment insured if you're a mobile dog groomer?

We insure all types of grooming businesses including mobile services from a van. We do not provide any vehicle cover, however we can insure your equipment. You must ensure that any equipment stored inside your van is locked up at night in a secure compound.

Are groomers protected in the case of an incident that results in injury to the groomer?

Yes, animals can be unpredictable, so personal accident insurance is offered as part of our additional coverage in the event that a cat, dog, or other animal’s behaviour results in an injury to the groomer or their employee.

If an incident results in an injury to the animal, are groomers protected?

Yes, our standard coverage also includes protection in the event that a dog, cat, or other animal incurs an injury whilst in the care of the grooming premises. Whether a dog injures a leg getting off a table, or a cat incurs a limp – we understand that accidents happen.

Money Back Guarantee

Just starting up? Change or even cancel your policy anytime without any administration fees. Even better – Pet Business International will refund your money, pro-rata, for any unused period of cover (as long as you haven’t made a claim of course!).

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